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Actor's on Shakespeare

Al Pacino

The "Actors on Shakespeare" series draws on the contemporary relevance of, and enjoyment to be found in, Shakespeare. Each book
provides an introduction to a particular play and here Al Pacino offers his view of Richard III as expressed in his own film Looking for Richard
(thanks Anne for this info)

Not released yet but you can pre-order it at (£3.99)
(this is British, I haven't found where to order it in the US yet.)

Paperback - 112 pages (17 March, 2003)
Faber and Faber; ISBN: 0571214053

Al Pacino: A Life On the Wire

Andrew Yule

This long out of print book is available again at
or  Or you can try where a copy comes up for bid now and then.

Al Pacino

Ludovic Girard

A french biography.  I don't have a copy so I don't know much about it.  Amazon (France) says that it is out of print and unavailable at this time.

FAN REVIEW: "I find it very interesting, each movie and off-screen things are well described. All pictures are taken from his movies.
It's from his theater beginnings to Any Given Sunday."  Virginie

Al Pacino

Roberto Lasagna

Italian Book about Al  (thanks Vladka for this info)
Al Pacino ...and Me, A Tale of Two Actors

Edward De Leo
(with David Sheldon
and Joan McCall)

This is a new biography of Al told through the perspective of one of his friends who knew him before he was famous. Paperback: 336 pages, (June 2002). You can order it at for $22.99.
Films of Al Pacino, The

William Schoell

Lots of pictures and trivia about all of his films. Unfortunately
out of print. You can try (just click on the title) or
try where it comes up for bid every once and awhile.

In Conversation - Al Pacino (CD)


compact disc of al talking at a press conference for about an hour.
Off-Camera: Leveling About Themselves "AL PACINO: It’s the Lights in My Face, Blinding Me"

Leonard Probst

Book of interviews with celebrities, nice picture of Al in a hat
and a long interview.  It's a pretty old book, 70's I think, and
out of print.You can read the interview by clicking on the title.

Pacino - De Niro Regards Croisés

Michel Cieutat and
Christian Viviani

(IN FRENCH) Two authors make a comparison between Robert De Niro and Al, their films, their method, their acting style etc. It has many black and white pictures from their films, bibliography, filmography. Edition: Dreamland (224 pages) (if the link doesn't work you can buy it at search for Pacino.)

FAN REVIEW: The same origins, an often close play of actor, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro offers many common points. On the basis of this observation, Michel Cieutat and Christian Viviani are leaning on the course of the two American actors. The fruit of their collaboration is a  work entitled "Cross Regards". Michel Cieutat and Christian Viviani endeavor, initially, to draw up the portrait of Robert de Niro, then the one of Al Pacino. The occasion to see taking shape thus certain similarities. Both were born in New York at the beginning of the Forties. They have Italian blood in the veins. M. Cieutat and C Viviani then try to decipher the catalogue of films of the two actors.  Virginie Jarosik

"Richard III" (Actors on Shakespeare S.)  Al Pacino, Colin Nicholson (Editor)

Al Pacino, Colin Nicholson

Synopsis (from
The enduring popularity and success of Shakespeare is an international and cross-cultural phenomenon. The aim of the "Actors on Shakespeare" series is to provide an accessible, contemporary commentary to each of the plays via the top-class actors who have performed them. As creator, director and star of "Looking for Richard", Al Pacino's dream of communicating his love of Shakespeare was made real. Here, he transfers his passion to the page and "Richard III", both character and play, re-emerge in a series of illuminating conversations, quotes and asides.

It is scheduled to be available from (UK store),  June 30, 2005. However this date may change. 

"Scarface": A Biography of Al Pacino



Paperback: 224 pages (June 9, 2000) 
Publisher: Newleaf 
ISBN: 0752271857 
Category(ies): Music, Stage & Screen

I found this on the same UK Amazon site. I've never read it though.

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Dick Tracy: The Making of the Movie

Mike Bonifer

mostly about Beatty and Madonna, but a few pics and mentions

The Godfather Companion

Peter Biskind

another behind the scenes look at the Godfather Trilogy

The Godfather Legacy

Harlan Lebo

another behind the scenes look at the Godfather Trilogy with lots of pictures

Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather Trilogy

Nick Browne

behind the scenes look at the Godfather Trilogy

The Godfather Movies, A Pictorial History

Gerald Gardner and Harriet Modell Gardner

lots of pictures and behind the scenes stuff about the Godfather trilogy

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After Hours

Edwin Torres

One of the two books "Carlito's Way" was based on. Fiction.

Carlito's Way

Edwin Torres

One of the two books "Carlito's Way" was based on. Fiction.

Dog Day Afternoon

Patrick Mann

I think this is a tie-in book published after the movie came out

Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia 

Joe Pistone

the book "Donnie Brasco" was based on written by the real Donnie Brasco

Frankie and Johnny

Terrence McNally

the play the film was based on

Glengarry Glen Ross

David Mamet

the play the film was based on.

The Godfather

Mario Puzo

the book "The Godfather" was based on. Fiction.


Paul Monette

a tie-in book written after the movie


Peter Maas

the book "Serpico" was based on

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Francis Ford Coppola: A Filmmaker's Life

Michael Schumacher

biography of Francis Coppola

Peter Cowie

biography of Francis Coppola

De Palma

Brian De Palma , Samuel Blumenfeld , Laurent Vachaud

french biography of Brian De Palma director of Scarface and Carlito's Way. (thanks Nush for this info)
Easy Riders and Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-and Rock 'n' Roll Generation Saved Hollywood

Peter Biskind

about '70s movies, has some Pacino info

Gansters From Little Caesar to the Godfather

John Gabree

This is an old book from 1973 that analyzes gangster films. Includes commentary on The Godfather.
Gansters on the Screen

Frank Manchel

An old book from 1978 that analyzes ganster films. Includes commentary on The  Godfather.
Lee Strasberg Ein Traum der Leidenschaft

Lee Strasberg

(German) To go to the page on the book, follow the link, then click on "film-cinema". Scroll down. Autobiography by Lee Strasberg with mentions of Al.  To be released in the fall of 2001. 
(Thanks Anne for this info.)
Marlon Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me

Marlon Brando

(chapter 55) NY, Random House,1994 (thanks Vladka for this info)
Marilyn and Me

Susan Strasberg

Susan Strasberg (daughter of Lee, one of Al's mentors) writes about her relationship with Marilyn Monroe who studied at the Actors Studio with her father.  She mentions Al too.
(thanks Pat for this info)
Memoirs of a Pet Therapist

Warren Eckstein, Denise Madden (Contributor)

includes a short account of training Al's dogs with him

Pump 'Em Full of Lead, A Look at Gangsters on Film

Marilyn Yaquinto

includes commentary on Carlito's Way, The Godfather Trilogy, Donnie Brasco and Scarface

Shakespeare On Screen

Daniel Rosenthal

mentions "Looking For Richard"
Shakespeare's Sonnets

Charline Spektor (Producer)
Eli Wallach (Editor)

CD/audio tape of different actors reading Shakespeare.
Here are the one's he reads:
(sonnet #18) "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
(sonnet #29) "When in disgrace with Fortune and men's eyes,"
(sonnet #79) "Whilst I alone did call upon they aid"
(sonnet #81) "Or shall live your epitaph to make,"
(sonnet #150) "O, from what power hast thou this powerful might"
(nominated for a Grammy Award)

Starstruck : Photographs from a Fan

Gary Lee Boas, Michael Musto

A book of pictures the auther has taken with celebrities. Has a candid picture of Al in it with the author.
That Al Pacino Look

Rich Rubin

A play, nothing to do with Al except the title.Out of print.  You can try, ebay, or THE DRAMA BOOKSHOP, INC, 723 Seventh Avenue, NY, NY 10019, USA, phone: 212-944-0595
Wake Me When It's Funny

Gary and Lori Marshall

autobiography of Gary Marshall that has some great stuff about the making of "Frankie and Johnny".

You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again

Julia Phillips

Tell-all book about the author's drug-filled days as a producer in Hollywood. Only has a few, mostly negative, comments about Al during his drinking days observed by the author during her cocaine days so who knows what's true.

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Any Given Sunday
Bobby Deerfield (LP)
Carlito's Way
(songs from the movie)
Carlito's Way (the score)
City Hall
Cruising (LP)
Devil's Advocate
Donnie Brasco
Frankie and Johnny
Glengarry Glen Ross
Godfather Trilogy
Godfather II
Godfather III
Insider, The
Looking For Richard
Recruit, The
Scent of a Woman
Sea of love

Interview Picture Disc
(audio cd of press conferences,
     about an hour)

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Al Pacino Collection, The (includes Scarface, Carlito's Way, Scent of a Woman and Sea of Love)
Al Pacino Collection, The (includes Devil's Advocate, Heat, Dog Day Afternoon)
America, A Tribute to Heroes
...And Justice for All
Angels in America
Any Given Sunday
Any Given Sunday the Director's Cut
Carlito's Way
City Hall
Devil's Advocate
Dick Tracy
Dog Day Afternoon
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco Special Edition
Devil's Advocate
Frankie and Johnny
Glengarry Glen Ross
Godfather DVD Collection, The
Insider, The

Panic in Needle Park  (region 2 only -Europe, Middle East & Japan)
People I Know 
Pitch, The (Al has a very short cameo in this)
Recruit, The
Scent of a Woman
Sea of love
Truth or Dare  (Al is in it for 2 seconds)
Two Bits